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We believe in the power of collaboration and visual thinking, so at COCO you’re never far from a whiteboard or a flat-panel display. Want to book your next meeting at COCO? Let us know how we can help.

Cool Events Coming Soon

Anthony Ongaro: Minimalism and Avoiding The False First Step

Thursday, February 25, 2016


If only… right? If only we had that new camera gear or just one more online course on the subject, then we’d have everything we needed to get started. But what if you already have what it takes? What if buying or borrowing your way to progress is really a false first step that will set you back instead of move you forward? In this talk, Anthony Ongaro, the creator behind will share the story of how he found minimalism, stopped trying to buy his way to progress, and found a better way of life. After the talk, you’ll have the tools to tackle your next project and a fresh perspective on how to determine what you really need.

This is the first installment of our Ideas & Abilities* speaker series!
With all the focus on startups, entrepreneurs and business, we sometimes fail to think about the big picture. How do we navigate this crazy thing called life and find our place on the planet? And then once we’ve found that place, how do we make the most of it? For this series, we’re inviting local thinkers and doers to share their ideas on everything from finding purpose to practicing productivity. *With acknowledgement to the legendary Rhymesayers group, Eyedea & Abilities.

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Google for Entrepreneurs Speaker Series: Tom Alexander, COO of Chicago's 1871

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


1871 is a powerhouse. Every day, Chicago’s famous tech hub hosts hundreds of entrepreneurs and dozens of accelerator programs and investors at its 70,000-squre-foot space at the iconic Merchandise Mart. Just last year, they had on average of 4 events per day with nearly 10,000 visitors per month.

None of this has come about by accident. 1871 was the product of vision, community support and some Chicago-style muscle.

Come to the kickoff event for our Google for Entrepreneurs Speaker Series. We’ll be talking to Tom Alexander, 1871’s dynamic COO. He’ll give us a peek inside 1871 and show us how Chicago does startups. There should be some great stories and takeaways for the Twin Cities.

This session will be ideal for entrepreneurs, ecosystem supporters, investors, community organizers, policy wonks and politicians. We’ll have plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.

About the Google for Entrepreneurs Speakers Series

As a Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub, we are tapped into an an incredible global network of entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders. Like the guy who single-handedly launched the Startup Weekend phenomenon. And a woman who runs a tech accelerator in war-torn Gaza. Or any of the folks running Google Campuses in places like Tel Aviv, London, Madrid and Seoul. We thought, “why not invite some of these people to stop by COCO and tell their stories?!”

These events will be informal, fireside chats in which we’ll not only hear some inspiring ideas, but learn all the ways entrepreneurship takes form around the world.


COCO Skill Faire

Saturday, March 19, 2016


We’re bringing back a classic: a good old-fashioned Saturday unconference!

Do you like MinneBar? Remember UnSummit? Yup, it’s like that. An all-day knowledge fest in which you can teach (and learn) just about anything.

What interests you? Tech? Business? Startups? Drones? History? Single-malt scotch?

At this event, you can bring your passions and share them with others. In true unconference style, the day won’t have a set agenda, but will have lots of time slots that you can help fill with classes, presentations, workshops, demos, panels, conversations — or whatever! You can present, teach, coach…or just flit from session to session and soak up new knowledge.

We’ll order in food and drinks. You bring the curiosity and content!

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