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In the heart of one of the city’s most bustling neighborhoods, COCO Uptown is located at the intersection of Lake and Lagoon, along the Greenway bike route. Close to the lakes, shops, unique restaurants and nightlife. Memberships available at this location for individuals, groups and enterprise. 

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Going Solo: Self-Employment Fundamentals Webinar

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


So, you want to take the leap and go solo as a freelancer or consultant? No question about it, having passion and enthusiasm for your area of expertise is critical.

However, there are a few more skills you’ll need to master if you really want to make it as a freelancer or consultant. During this webinar, we will provide you with a quick overview of the tradecraft of being a successful solopreneur.

Just some of the things we’ll cover include:

  • Is the solo life right for you?
  • Critical steps in setting up your new business
  • Designing a better business model
  • Pricing your way to success
  • How to position yourself in a crowded market
  • Creating a powerful sales pitch

Webinar schedule
We’ll begin promptly at 12:00 pm central for a 40-minute presentation to be followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

Webinar access
We’ll email the link to access the webinar along with instructions 24 hours prior to the webinar start time.

About the instructor
Don Ball is founding partner of COCO coworking and collaborative space. Prior to COCO, Don was a partner in a usability practice, a marketing agency exec, a content agency owner and freelance writer. He’s had successes. He’s had failures. He’s made all the mistakes you don’t want to make!

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What’s your next big thing?

Partnering with the Twin Cities Geekettes and Gr8Ladies on Hack the Gap was my last ‘big thing’ and now that that is mostly wrapped up, I’m off looking for my next big adventure.

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Where will your dreams take you?

Building a complete life for myself that challenges my thinking, keeps me learning, and keeps me happy!

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Deputy Campaign Manager

What inspires you?
Nature, wildlife, gardening, parenting, cooking, traveling.


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Web Developer

What inspires you?

Artisans—no matter in what capacity or role. Anyone who has made a conscious decision to dedicate their life to becoming the best at something, anything.


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What’s your why?

I’m working on building the life I want to live. I choose the clients and partners I want to work with. I decide how much sleep I need, and how to get it. I set up shop wherever it makes sense for me, and wherever I’ll be most productive. I decide when to turn off, and when to turn on. I don’t want a life of spending an arbitrary number of hours in an arbitrary 10×10’ space. I want a life that includes me having ample time to stay healthy and happy, to be with the people I love, and to work on things that matter to me personally.

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