St. Paul – Lowertown

Our original location, COCO St. Paul is located in historic Lowertown in a converted 1800s warehouse space. Within walking distance to the Mississippi River, historical capital city buildings, parks, museums and restaurants. Memberships available at this location for individuals, groups and enterprise.

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Meet some of our awesome members

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What inspires you?

My beliefs inspire me. I have a strong faith and I think that having a strong sense of direction and belief is key to a persons success. We really need to get to know ourselves and who we are and who we want to be. Then we can pick a path to travel to reach your goal. You will trail off here and there but thats ok.

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Attorney + Entrepreneur

Where will your dreams take you?

To the front of the policies about the price of healthcare both as a legal advocate and entrepreneur.

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Senior Producer

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who break barriers and push limits. These people seem to ask a different set of questions, they see what others have missed. Where others run into obstacles, these people turn challenges into opportunities. It reminds me to always have a positive outlook and that every problem has a solution; you just have to ask the right questions.

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Partner | Senior Developer

What’s your next big thing?

It might sound corny, but I think it’s already here. I have incredible business partners, fulfilling projects, and the ability to live and work almost anywhere. I’m not looking for a crazy big-name client or a company buyout. My “next” is finding ways to keep what I have while also scaling back on the late nights and long weekends.

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Vice President of Communications

Where will your dreams take you?
I’m honestly not a big dreamer but instead like to live beyond my wildest dreams. I try to focus on the moment and suck as much life out of each day as I can. If I haven’t done it, that’s the path I take. The same goes with my career. Every new job I have ever taken includes at least 50% of responsibility I have no experience in. It’s terrifying and exciting, but betterment of self is guaranteed because I get to experience something new and learn from it.

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Owner, US Patent Attorney

What’s your why?

I am motivated by the desire to do something unique in my industry. As long as I am dedicating my life to this profession, I might as well challenge myself to offer something new and valuable, while finding enjoyment in the process!

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VP of Engineering

What inspires you?
My dad. He shows me how to live from the context:  “In life, you can do anything you set your mind to by sticking to it, but you likely will not get what you thought you wanted when you started. Likely, you will find out things you never even imagined.” I have found this to be true so far, but I still keep testing it.

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