Downtown Team

  • Sara

    Random fact:

    My family raised Alpacas

    When I’m not at COCO, you’ll find me:

    Outside exploring, hiking, gardening, camping. I love all things nature

    Three words to describe me:

    Optimistic, outgoing, free spirited

    My favorite word:


    My favorite quote:

    Our lives change when our habits change. - Matthew Kelly

    My favorite Minneapolis neighborhood:

    Warehouse district/North Loop

    My favorite local bar/restaurant:


    The last song I played on my iPod/smartphone:

    Lindsey Stirling, "Take flight"

    How I describe my job at COCO:

    I view myself as a multitasking gatekeeper of COCO Downtown! I have an eye on the staples of COCO. My goal is to empower both members and employees to get down to the work of their dreams!

    If I could have one superpower:

    The power of healing