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Our flagship space, located on the the historic trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. Downtown Minneapolis offers unique meeting spaces, a Japanese Zen Garden, and an eclectic buzz inspired from past eras. Memberships available at this location for individuals, groups and enterprises.

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Camp COCO - A retreat to the North Shore

Camp COCO is the first-ever weekend retreat for members (and friends) of COCO!

It’s a slightly wild experience on the North Shore of Lake Superior, where you can take stock of your life’s situation, indulge your imagination and thoughtfully plot your next moves. Amazing keynotes, outdoor excursions and insight awaits.

Friday, October 9

All day

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Come to Camp COCO!

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Explore with us!

Camp COCO, October 9 – 11, 2015

Join us on the North Shore of Lake Superior for our first-ever weekend retreat, where you can take stock of your life’s situation, indulge your imagination and thoughtfully plot your next moves.  Early bird rates expire August 31, 2015!

  • Get inspired – hear from other explorers and entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy a dose of nature
  • Spend time with friends and meet new ones

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48 minutes agoRT @kcoolbroth: Know any young women enrolled in Minnesota schools in grades 9-12!? Pls consider encouraging them to apply: @ITinMN http://…

about 1 hour agoInspiring Q&A with "Culture Maker" and Camp COCO keynote Chris Cloud! (yay, alliteration!) https://t.co/GcYISPmR3Z http://t.co/56OFB8AoVB

5 hours agoGood to have @1MillionCupsSPL back in our St. Paul digs. https://t.co/hGE63lUJgz

Meet some of our awesome members

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President and Chief Executive Officer

What’s your why?

I love seeing people reach new levels of success, however they define it. This is at the core of every business I build, for the people I hire and for the companies and leaders we partner with and support.

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Founder/Managing Partner

Where will your dreams take you?

Hopefully to running a continually expanding, evolving and successful firm that will provide a refuge for bright legal talent who don’t necessarily fit the “traditional law firm” mold and who have expertise that our clients need.

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What’s your why?

My “Y” is for Yash, my 2 year old son. I want him to learn from example that he can do anything with faith, focus and perseverance. I want him to grow up without the fear of failure that has paralyzed me many times. By setting out to conquer my insecurities through entrepreneurship, I hope that he will learn that success comes to those who work for it.

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What’s your why?
I’m here to help people learn, create and grow.

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Communications Consultant

What’s your why?

Throughout my working life, it’s been my job to help people with brilliant ideas discover and communicate the stories that matter to them most. This is joyful work, and it’s a privilege to do it.

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What inspires you?

The process of bringing new ideas to life and seeing them in the world energizes me. I’m inspired by my fellow entrepreneurs both here at CoCo and outside of the CoCo community that are executing on ideas.

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Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

What’s your why?

Many people have helped me get to where I am today. It is my responsibility to help others move forward in their career. That is my why. Trying to make a significant difference in other people’s lives and careers gets me up in the morning and moving all day long.

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What’s your why?

I am basically an artist. I majored in painting at Augsburg college.  Business is a creative process, each entity a building block in a greater vision to use business as a force for positive social change, beauty and abundance. I also feel a huge commitment to our 70 employees, many of whom have been with us for years. I feel very accountable to them.

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Founder/Design Director

What inspires you?

Art, beauty, TED talks, yoga, dance, music, open-mindedness. Learning, learning, and learning. The progress of the county evidenced with the gay marriage decision. The Tao de Ching. My favorite phrase being “Do your work, and then stand back.” It’s so layered with wisdom and meaning.

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What’s your why?

Creating a space for excellence, collaboration, and action.

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What inspires you?

People that don’t give up. People that find and execute on solutions to challenges at hand. People who can do what they do while lifting as many other people as much as possible. Happy, successful people with strong sense of values, curiosity, and tenacity.

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