Basecamp Membership

Dedicated workspace for fast-moving project teams.

Membership includes:

  • A dedicated workspace (what we call a “campsite”) for your team at any COCO location (pending availability)
  • Access to COCO meeting rooms
  • Full membership privileges, including educational and social events
  • Unlimited roster changes

Ideal for highly focused project groups, such as:

  • Innovation teams
  • Software sprint teams
  • Internal startups

How it works:

  • You select from available inventory of campsites.
  • 24/7 on-demand access to your campsite, including after hours and weekends.
  • You can have as many concurrent employees on site as your campsite allows (between 4 and 10 depending on campsite size).
  • Staffers will sign in when they arrive at COCO.
  • Your staff has access to COCO meeting rooms to host meetings with as many guests as each meeting room permits.
Campsite size Accommodates Meeting Room Hours Included Monthly Cost
Small 4 15 $1,458/month
Medium 6 20 $1,890/month$2,160 at Uptown
Large 8 30 $2,160/month
  • One-time registration fee of $200
  • Requires a 6-month commitment
  • 3-month, 6-month and annual invoicing available
  • Contact us to learn more or register

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