DreamCast Episode 21: Alex Rodriguez


Alex Rodriguez

Co-Founder and CEO, WorkMand + Graveti
Code2040 Entrepreneur in Residence at COCO in partnership with Google4Entrepreneurs

If you haven’t seen Alex Rodriguez at a startup event, then double check your address. You might be living in Milwaukee.

Alex, the founder of local startup Workmand, is a fixture at just about any startup- or tech-related event you care to name. MinneBar? He’s there. Beta.MN? Yup, he’s there. Enterprise.MN? He’s there, too.

Seeing a gap in the marketplace of meetups, Alex even started his own event, Graveti, “a gathering of founders, community champions, hackers, designers and hustlers from underrepresented backgrounds, with an emphasis on people of color such as Latino/as and Blacks in tech and startups.”

Earlier this year, Alex became COCO’s first CODE 2040 Entrepreneur in Residence. His role at COCO, besides working on the launch of his company, is to support the local black and latina/o entrepreneurial community.

In this edition of the COCO DreamCast, we asked Alex about his background, how he started on Workman, and what drives him to be the ultimate networker in the local startup community.

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  • Alex is definitely one of the best things to fall into #mntech in awhile. Phenom interview.